At the heart of TLFA is Tracy Fried, a nationally recognized advocate for foster youth. Ms. Fried has extensive expertise in drawing together a broad coalition of stakeholders to improve educational opportunities for youth through systemic change. With over 20 years of experience working closely with school districts, postsecondary institutions, child welfare, probation, local law enforcement,  the Juvenile Court, current and former foster youth, youth on probation, community agencies, care providers, and philanthropists. Ms. Fried has a proven track record of implementing change.  She has led national, state, and local taskforces on educational rights of foster youth and access to higher education, youth violence prevention, and created plans such as the FYSI (Foster Youth Success Initiative), which positively impact thousands of foster youths’ lives by implementing strategy and changes in the way educational resources are researched and deployed.

We specialize in the following areas and can customize services to best meet the needs of your organization and community:

»Developing and implementing statewide and local initiatives

»Designing new programs, initiatives, projects

»Planning and coordinating innovative trainings / convenings

»Developing documents through a collaborative process

»Strengthening and sustaining existing programs

»Facilitating meetings with key decision makers

»Engaging policymakers

»Evaluations / Needs assessments

»Strategic planning

»Customized conferences and trainings

»Crisis response management


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