Tracy L. Fried & Associates, Inc. (TLFA) is a small firm that has worked extensively with the California Community College Chancellor’s Office Foster Youth Success Initiative (CCCCO FYSI) and San Diego County’s Health and Human Services Administration, Behavioral Health Services Division. TLFA’s approach to planning and development builds upon creating community around a collective vision. Through this collaborative spirit around every project, TLFA leverages existing relationships and resources to bring each vision to fruition. TLFA’s scope of services includes: initiatives, strategic planning, trainings, as well as conference planning and design.

TLFA has the knowledge and ability to propel your organization’s efforts to benefit  underserved populations by leveraging our relationships, developed over the course of 20 years, across Educational, Child Welfare, Juvenile Court, and Probation systems. Our expertise in these areas makes us the best company to help bridge the divide between these organizations and create the leadership necessary to advocate for unserved and underserved populations.

We will customize our services to best meet the needs of your organization and your community.  Our range of services and expertise offers TLFA the ability to help your organization in a multitude of ways.  Some examples of ways TLFA can help include:

» The ability to understand laws relevant to the education of foster youth and youth under the supervision of probation (AB 490 and NCLB/McKinney Vento)

» Navigate the Educational System, cutting through red tape that impedes the education of foster youth, and helping those who care for them obtain information on financial aid from colleges and universities

» Facilitate systems change by connecting key stakeholders and bringing them together in a productive, engaging, and trusting environment where everyone can focus on what is best for underserved youth

» Improve protocols and procedures for sharing information more effectively across systems

» Track Child Welfare System/Probation placements and school districts to more efficiently serve disadvantaged youth

» Identify youth who are “invisible” to the system

» Advocate for education on both an individual and system-wide level

TLFA’s specific areas of expertise include the knowledge to:

» Design and implement new programs

» Improve and sustain existing programs

» Facilitate meetings

» Conduct focus groups to gather information

» Develop, write, and edit documents through a collaborative process

» Plan and coordinate conferences

» Develop and implement local and statewide initiatives

» Provide customized training to your staff to help them best serve the needs of disadvantaged youth

To see how these services come together in pursuit of a common goal, click here to read about the Foster Youth Success Initiative.